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Health Policy Strategizing through Process Facilitation

You have to keep the conversation going to reach a consensus about improving health policy for men, women, and children. As such, Johnson Group approaches health policy strategizing through process facilitation. This technique allows government officials and organizations to develop a pathway to a solution. Additionally, we use focused engagement to motivate those who can initiate health care change.

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Facilitation to Foster National Consensus

Our work includes policy development process facilitation and direction for the: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd National Summit on Quality in Home Visiting Programs, (Every Child Succeeds and Pew Home Visiting Campaign, 2011-2013); 1st, 2nd, and 3rd National Summit and Select Panel on Preconception Care (CDC-NCBDD, 2005; 2008; 2011, 2015); and National Newborn Screening Task Force (American Academy of Pediatrics and MCHB-HRSA, 1999-2000); and Summit on the Future of Perinatal Health (National Perinatal Association, 1999). In addition, facilitation for an expert consultation meeting regarding Elimination of Perinatal HIV Transmission in the US (CityMatCH, 2017).

The preconception, newborn screening, and perinatal care projects included preparation of a report with national consensus recommendations that were widely used and mainly adopted.

Examples of facilitation with other government leaders include:

  • Work on a children's budget in San Diego County
  • Facilitation for the Vermont Home Visiting Alliance
  • Facilitation of field hearings for the Massachusetts Early Education and Care Council

Workshops for State Policy Leaders

Our approach relies on focused engagement and participation by senior state policy leaders. Our founder, Kay Johnson, served as co-lead for the Infant Mortality CoIIN, Social Determinants Learning Network (MCHB-HRSA, 2015-17). She has led multi-state learning networks on the role of Medicaid in promoting women's health and preconception care (Commonwealth Fund, 2011), and Medicaid financing for home visiting services (Pew Charitable Trust and Heising-Simons Foundation, 2015-18).
In 2004, Johnson Group collaborated with the George Washington University (under contracts from HRSA) to conduct a series of Leadership Workshops on Medicaid/SCHIP managed care contracting and purchasing (CT, OH, KS, PA, WI).
From 2006-09, Johnson Group conducted a series of State Leadership Workshops on Title V and EPSDT Collaboration to Improve Child Health (AK, AR, CO, IA, IL, ME, NV, OH, PR, TN, VA, VT, WA, WY). In 1999-2000, Johnson Group convened successful workshops for state legislators and senior executives regarding genetic issues in child health policy. Ms. Johnson facilitated a similar session for the National Conference of State Legislators on child health and EPSDT in 2008 (convened by the Commonwealth Fund).