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Detailed Health Policy Analysis

At Johnson Group, we understand that you have to investigate existing health policies to determine what changes are needed to improve them. Our consultants conduct health policy analysis to gain a full understanding of programs available for individuals and families. We are committed to providing policymakers with the information needed to improve the way health care is provided.

Analyses to Answer Emerging Questions

Our work includes brief and longer analyses related to women's and children's health policy in areas such as: prenatal/ perinatal/ preconception care, immunization, genetics, home visiting, oral health, child development, and early childhood mental health, as well as health care financing for women, children, and their families through Medicaid and Medicaid managed care. Recent reports and articles include:

  • "A Sourcebook on Medicaid's Role in Early Childhood"
  • "Federal Financing Prenatal to 3"
  • "Medicaid and Home Visiting"
  • "Improving Medicaid: Three Decades of Change to Better Serve Women of Childbearing Age"

Mother and Baby

Assessment of Programs, Policy Needs, and Trends

A single health program assessment could result in better care for men, women, and children. The Johnson Group has demonstrated the ability to conduct studies of policies and programs. This body of work includes 50-state surveys regarding state policies such as: home visiting (Commonwealth Fund, 2000; NCCP, 2008); developmental screening (Commonwealth Fund, 2006); and perinatal programs (American Academy of Pediatrics, 1998). Founder Kay Johnson also directed several 50-state surveys on EPSDT and on Title V MCH programs during the 1980s.
One specialty of the Johnson Group is case study qualitative research. Ms. Johnson has conducted an array of case study projects, including: Medicaid managed care (8 city/county sites, 1996-97), immunization delivery and financing (5 city/county sites, 1998), perinatal services (5 states, 1999), home visiting (7 states, 1999-2000), early childhood mental health (6 states, 2001-02), ), teen pregnancy (4 sites, 2001), children's access to dental care (6 sites, 2004-05), and two separate scans about California child health programs and policies (2018).